Up The Crime Ladder      N. K. Hart

Argyle Stevens - brave, loyal, ambitious. His goal is to climb to the

top of the crime ladder, and also shoot a lot of guns.

Ben Watson - carefree, independent, fun-loving. His goal in life is to
have a good time, and see plenty of action, and also eat a lot of donuts.

Gilbert Alan Martin III - young, eager, fresh new recruit, willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if it means cleaning a shark tank or two.

These are the Henchmen - a brave and loyal group of criminals devoted to the THRASHER ORGANIZATION and its goal of WORLD DOMINATION!

Have you ever wondered about the lives of henchmen? They work all day for a super evil genius boss, toiling away in the secret hideouts doing their boss' bidding. Without question. In total loyalty.

Finally revealed. What the super evil geniuses don't want you to know. From the commute to the checkout time at the end of the day, and all the capers in between. Don't miss the exciting lives and times of the Henchmen as they climb UP THE CRIME LADDER!

Soon could be a major motion picture... maybe.

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